“To be of international reference through growth in multiple sectors while promoting our local area”


Our ambition at a sporting level is always to compete at the highest level, both at a national and international level. We want this objective to result in a series of benefits for our supporters, partners and society in general:

  • Generate resources that make the project sustainable in the elite.
  • A commitment to the economic and social development of the society.
  • Promote a sense of belonging by using elite basketball as an example of entertainment that creates hope.
  • Our client is anyone who has the potential to become part of the Baskonia family.


The club’s history has been built on a series of values that the club and team have been demonstrating throughout its development. These values constitute our DNA and our own identity, and therefore form the elements that make us a unique sporting and business project, both at a national and international level:

  • Character: Work, effort, and utmost ambition to build upon on previously achieved goals.
  • Innovation: We understand that innovation is a way to continue being a project that is clearly defined in the market and that maintains a clear and unique identity.
  • Management: We are committed to a successful management model based on professionalism and trust.
  • Team: Baskonia is an organisation of people for people. We are committed to and directed towards the client