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The website (hereby referred to as “the Website”) is the sole property of SASKI BASKONIA SAD, whose address is Carretera Zurbano s/n, 01013, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, C.I.F: A-01051556 and the club is registered with the Sporting Associations Register. You can contact SASKI BASKONIA SAD by either calling on 945 27 34 00.

You can access SASKI BASKONIA SAD’s official website by entering any of the following:


When you access the Website you will find contents and services that have been supplied by SASKI BASKONIA SAD in accordance with the following general conditions (hereby referred to as “General Terms and Conditions”), the privacy policy covering the treatment of personally identifiable information (hereby referred to as “the Privacy Policy”) and the legal disclaimer with regards to industrial and intellectual property (hereby referred to as “Copyright and IP Policy”). Therefore, by accessing and using the Website you are subject to the regulations contained in the General Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Copyright and IP Policy.

Every time you access or use the Website, you signify your agreement with and understanding of the General Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Copyright and IP Policy, all of which are included on the Website. Consequently, you should read the abovementioned terms, conditions and policies each time you wish to access or use the Website, as these may be modified at any time. If you disagree with any of their contents, you should refrain from accessing the Website.

In addition, you should be advised that specific guidelines and rules may be introduced from time to time and that these will assist you when using the Website’s contents and/or specific services or when using links to access other websites. Other websites may have their own general terms and conditions as is the case with SASKI BASKONIA SAD Sponsors. As a result please note that specific and general guidelines and rules of other websites may substitute, add to and/or modify the present General Terms and Conditions, which is why we suggest that you read them beforehand.


You should read our “Privacy Policy” carefully as this will give you an understanding of the measures adopted by SASKI BASKONIA SAD. The Privacy Policy is part of our General Terms and Conditions and is applicable when you register or provide us with your personal information.


You should also read our “Copyright and IP Policy” carefully which is also part of our General Terms and Conditions.


When on the Website, you should comply with the present General Terms and Conditions as well as the warnings or other special guidelines we provide you when access or use the Website and which may appear at any given time.

You should always respect the law, be moral, behave properly, maintain public order and act on good will, when you access and use the Contents and Services of the Website.

It is forbidden to use the Website for illicit purposes, activities that are prohibited or actions that are harmful to third parties or in any other way would damage, render useless, overload, deteriorate or impede the Website from running smoothly.

The Website is geared towards specific users. For this reason, you may not use the Website for publicity or promotional purposes nor use it for commercial gain. You may not use its Contents or the information contained on the Website to advertise, send messages to sell something or for any other type of commercial purpose.

You may not change or modify the Contents or Services that appear on the Website or diminish in any way the site’s integrity or smooth running.

SASKI BASKONIA SAD reserves the right to modify, limit or even cancel at any given time Website access and Contents, including its configuration and presentation, without assuming any responsibility in doing so. If you send any sort of information to the Website (this does not include information for publicity purposes which is prohibited), you guarantee that you possess the necessary rights to do so. Consequently, SASKI BASKONIA SAD shall not be liable for the content and circulation of this information; this includes the mere enunciative title, its accurateness, legality, origin and ownership. Furthermore, you transfer to SASKI BASKONIA SAD the exclusive and worldwide industrial or intellectual rights that may already exist with regards to this information.

When accessing some of the services and/or contents of the Website, you will be given a password; you are obliged to use your password diligently, keeping it at all times a secret. You will be held responsible for its custody and confidentiality, you must not loan it to third parties (neither temporarily nor permanently), nor allow any other person to access the already mentioned services and/or contents. In addition, you are obliged to notify SASKI BASKONIA SAD of any action that could be considered inappropriate use of your password, i.e. enunciative title, theft, loss or unauthorized access, which will result in its immediate cancellation. Therefore, if you do not notify SASKI BASKONIA SAD of this, the Club will not assume responsibility for the inappropriate use of your password and, you will be responsible for the illicit use of the Website’s contents and/or services by third parties. If you have been negligent or you have not complied with any of the obligations with regards to the present General Terms and Conditions, you will be liable for the loss or damages suffered by SASKI BASKONIA SAD.


When you access the Website, you will find links to other websites. SASKI BASKONIA SAD may remove any links that appear on its Webpage, at any time, and especially if the club considers its contents to be obscene, offensive, controversial, violent, discriminatory with regards to sex, race or religion, against public order or even illicit. Links are provided for your convenience but you should be aware that SASKI BASKONIA SAD does not endorse them in any way. As a consequence, if you use other unrelated-websites you do so at your own risk. SASKI BASKONIA SAD will not assume the responsibility of examining or evaluating other non-related websites or guaranteeing offers made on such websites. SASKI BASKONIA SAD will not be held responsible for the smooth running, operation, contents, products or services of these websites. Therefore, you should read carefully the general terms and conditions, privacy policy and the legal disclaimer that correspond to other websites.


In the event that you wish to establish a link to our Website’s Home page, you may do so if it is for personal use only and, keeping in mind that your right to do so is limited, not exclusive and can be revoked. You expressly agree: (i) to ensure that the link does not state or imply that SASKI BASKONIA SAD endorses it or its services or products; (ii) to ensure that the link does not create an association with SASKI BASKONIA SAD or state that SASKI BASKONIA SAD has authorised the link, or include in the link; brands, guarantee of origin and quality, commercial names, logotypes or any other distinctive material associated with SASKI BASKONIA SAD; (iii) not to include in your contents any material that can be considered obscene, offensive, controversial, violent, discriminatory with regards to sex, race or religion, against public order or illicit ; (iv) not to provide a link to any other pages of the Website other than the Home page; (v) to provide a link with the proper Website’s electronic address, without permitting the third party website to reproduce the Website as part of its website or “frames” or create a “browser” with regards to any of the web pages found on the Website. SASKI BASKONIA SAD may request that a link to its Website be removed at any time, and this should be removed immediately upon receipt of the request. SASKI BASKONIA SAD has no control over the information, contents, products or services provided by other websites that are linked to the club’s Website and as a result will not be held responsible in any way.


The Website’s contents and services are merely informative and are provided on an “as is” basis. SASKI BASKONIA SAD expressly disclaims to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law all warranties, conditions and other terms of any kind, whether expressed or implied with regards to the Website’s contents and services, this includes; Enunciative title, guarantees of; lawfulness, reliability, usefulness for a particular purpose, veracity, accurateness or merchantability. You expressly acknowledge and agree to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law that SASKI BASKONIA SAD shall not under any circumstances be held responsible for or respond to the following; (a) delays and interruptions when you access the Website, (b) delivery failure, erroneous delivery, corrupted, destroyed or modified information, (c) any loss or damages suffered as a result of using Third Party links from our Website or as a result of using other websites that have links to our Website, (d) computer viruses, system failure, the system not functioning when using the Website, the site not being available or interruptions, (e) errors in its contents, (f) the Website not being fit for a particular purpose or not being able to work at full capacity, (g) invulnerable and/or impregnable Website security measures, or (h) situations that SASKI BASKONIA SAD has no control over. SASKI BASKONIA SAD’s only obligation and responsibility with regards to its contents consists in the removal and/or correction of any information, warranties or any other type of contents or services that are not accurate and which should be done as soon as possible.

Provided that the abovementioned obligation is complied with, SASKI BASKONIA SAD will not be liable for; (i) any loss or damages that may have been caused as a result of you accessing or using the Website or (ii) any loss or damages caused by you accessing or using the contents or services offered on the Website or its links.


You agree to indemnify and hold SASKI BASKONIA SAD harmless from any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the Website. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify SASKI BASKONIA SAD for any loss or damages caused by you using “robots”, “spiders”, “crawlers” or other similar tools to gather and extract information or any other operation that would unnecessarily burden the Website.


The present General Conditions and Terms are regulated by Spanish legislation, and cover such issues as interpretation, validity and implementation of such conditions.

You expressly agree to lodge your claim or demand at the Courts and Tribunals of Vitoria-Gasteiz to resolve whatever disagreement that may have arisen when interpreting the present General Terms and Conditions.


When you access or use the Website you understand and agree that you must comply with the present General Terms and Conditions, along with our “Privacy Policy” and “Copyright and IP Policy” as a whole.

SASKI BASKONIA SAD reserves the right to modify (wholly or in part) the present General Terms and Conditions, the “Privacy Policy” or the “Copyright and IP Policy” at any time. However, if SASKI BASKONIA SAD foresees a change to the Privacy Policy, the Club will advise its Website’s registered users beforehand in accordance with the procedures specified in the privacy policy.

As an exception to what has already been established in the Privacy Policy with regards to the Website’s registered users, changes made to the present General Terms and Conditions, “the Privacy Policy” and our “Copyright and IP Policy” will come into effect immediately as soon as they have been included on the Website. By continuing to access or use the Website you signify your acceptance of the new; General Terms and Conditions, “the Privacy Policy” and “the Copyright and IP Policy”. With or without warning, the Club may remove any of the rights contained in the present General Terms and Conditions, and this may even include your right to access the Website. If you have been notified of this, you must comply with the Club’s decision immediately.

If the General Terms and Conditions and the special guidelines seem to contradict each other, you should follow comply with the latter.

The fact that SASKI BASKONIA SAD does demand that you comply with any of the stipulations in the present General Terms and Conditions does not mean that they renounce in any way their implementation and, in no way does this affect SASKI BASKONIA SAD’s right to demand compliance later, nor does it mean that SASKI BASKONIA SAD renounces to make a claim for the incompliance of any of the stipulations and, should not be understood as having renounced the stipulation itself.

Supposing that a stipulation contained in the present General Conditions is not necessary or null in accordance with the governing legislation or as a result of a judicial or administrative decision, this will not result in the present General Conditions being unnecessary or null as a whole. In this case, SASKI BASKONIA SAD will take measures to modify or substitute it for another that is valid and necessary with the intention of maintaining the objectives and intentions of the original stipulation as much as possible.

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